Emmegiesse S.r.l. is a leader company in the design and realisation of industrial lifting machinery. Throughout its 30 years of life, Emmegiesse was able to increase the variety of its products, in order to meet any demand of the client. Nowadays Emmegiesse is able to offer the best solution to any kind of need: double-girder and single-girder overhead travelling cranes, special overhead travelling cranes, lame cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, winches, overhead systems with channel-type beam, special and standard cranes with manual or mechanised movement. All these are high-quality items and comply with the current safety norms.

Emmegiesse S.r.l. offers a logistic support as well as a high-quality assistance. It is able to provide the client with preventive maintenance (both ordinary and extraordinary) and personnel training services, and multi-brand spare parts for overhead travelling cranes. These efforts are made in order to become a complete partner in every moment of any industrial lifting operation for both big and small international businesses.


EMMEGIESSE S.r.l. | Via Falcone, 8 - 41057 Spilamberto (MO) | Tel. +39 059 785979 - Fax. +39 059 785937
P.I. 01466710363 - REA 216966 | Cap.Soc. € 55.120,00 | Mail. info@emmegiesse.com

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