When it's better to use a birail crane rather than a monorail one?

The choise depends on the capacity and on the gauge. Then we choose this kind of crane to increase the hook stroke and for special application.

Which advantage having the double speed in the movements of the crane gives me?

It gives me the advantage to have fast movements for the approach and slow ones for the setting of the load.

I must load lorries, but the use of the hanging push-button box makes hard this operation for me to do. How can I be freer in the movements?

We supply radio controls in equipement to the systems for remote controls.

I would need to have organs of taken , which are dedicated to my requirements. Who I could apply to?

We have achieved a big experience in the planning and in the production of system of taken in the course of many years of our activity in this sector.

I need a extremely gradual acceleration of the load in the traverses. What can I do?

In our system we make use of motorization with inverter which let us plan out electronically the acceleration of the group.

I have some cranes of other constructors. Who can I apply to for servicing?

We have different teams of servicing ,that supply a punctual and both preventive and overtime service of maintenance.

I'm a food-stuffs producer. What kind of lifting system must I use?

The sistem mast to observe some hygienics characteristicc.We have been building since nearly many years system for this sector, and we are the first who uses a belt hoist.